The Facts about Viacom

Viacom is threatening to remove their channels, unless Spectrum agrees to significantly overpay for them. We are negotiating with them in good faith and are optimistic that a fair deal can be reached.

Why is Viacom saying my channels may go away?
They are requiring Spectrum to carry and overpay for their channels.
This drives up cable costs!

We have offered a fair price and continue to negotiate to reach an agreement.

  • Viacom has been overpaid for their channels over the recent years.
  • Their business is suffering and they are trying to boost their bottom line at the expense of you, our customer.
  • They’re requiring us to pay for many of their channels, even channels that very few people watch.
  • We’ve offered a fair price for what they provide, and they have refused to consider it.

Spectrum is on your side!

Our negotiations are about one thing, reaching agreements that are fair for our customers.

We are very disappointed that an agreement hasn’t been reached at this time. Unfortunately, by threatening to pull their channels, Viacom is dragging you into the middle of their business negotiations.

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